Free AdWords Training – More ways to advertise

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AdWords – More ways to advertise.

Mobile advertising.

With AdWords, you can develop multiple types of ads to reach customers through smartphone and tablet search results, on Google Play, within mobile apps, or on mobile web browsers.


Learn how to create a dynamic remarketing campaign in your AdWords account, with an airline as an example. You’ll also see how to get started on the feed, tag, and remarketing lists needed for dynamic remarketing.

Display advertising.

The Google Display Network makes it possible for you to show your ads on websites, mobile apps, and video that partner with Google — using a variety of ad formats like text, image ads, and more. These videos show you how.

Shopping campaigns & Google Merchant Center.

To promote your products on Google, you’ll need to upload your products into Google Merchant Center and create a Shopping campaign in Google AdWords. Watch the video to learn how to set up your Merchant Center account, where you’ll make your product info available to appear across Google.


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