How to Create a Facebook Business Page for Lead Generation

Create a Facebook Business Page using our Lead Generation Strategies. We are going to provide tips and tricks to boost your SEO and connect with potential customers/buyers. We have discussed social media in a previous article. Social media is massive in today’s society. Connecting people across


Starting a YouTube Channel For Your Lead Generation Campaign

What importance does YouTube play in a Lead Generation Campaign? Madigan Marketing will explain further in this article; and you’d be surprised with the results. Once again, YouTube is owned by Google. It’s popularity has increased over the years, becoming the second most used Search Engine on

How To Set Up A Google Gmail Account And Why You Need One For Your Business

Google Gmail Accounts are useful in many ways. Creating an account for your business is a great investment; and here’s how you can do it! Gmail is free and Google owned. Google allows you to create a free account and includes great, easy to use tools. Gmail is far better than any other email